4 Reasons Your Face Might Be Dehydrated

When your skin suffers from dehydration, you’re not just left with wrinkles and fine lines, more so with ruined confidence. No thanks to the countless dead cells residing on your face. Moreover, dehydrated skin causes the skin to become sensitive.

Don’t get surprised – it’s not always about the weather, nor is it just about emptying bottles of moisturizers to bid dehydrated skin a goodbye. It could be more about putting a final stop on old habits preventing your skin glow.

So if you must get back your shine and amplify your beauty, you need to find out which habit to drop. Here are four likely reasons your face is dry. We’ve also provided you with the best remedies to help you snatch back your shine.

1. Water Quality and Temperature

The quality of water that comes in contact with your body may be the mystery behind your dehydrated skin. Water high in zinc, lead, and magnesium, as found in tap water, causes the coating on the skin, which ultimately leads to dry skin. This outcome is because – zinc, lead, and magnesium, present in hard water, alters the natural oil on your face, which causes the resulting substance to deter moisture from assimilating into your skin.

To lower the number of heavy metals in your tap water, endeavor to pass it through the filtration process. Besides, you can purchase a skincare product containing Vitamin A and C to help combat the layer built by hard water.

Furthermore, bathing with hot water can cause your skin to become very sensitive, as it gets rid of your skin’s natural oils. Thus, resulting in dehydrated skin. Conversely, bathing with cold water stimulates blood circulation with oxygen and nutrients around your body. This flow helps to enrich damaged cells to create a fresh and glowing skin. What’s more? Coldwater also prompts your sympathetic nervous system to discharge hormones and chemicals in your brain that fight off anxiety.


2. Stress

When we overstretch ourselves, we end up stressing our mental health, thus, hurting our facial beauty. Once the body observes this distress, it excessively produces a hormone called cortisol. This hormone is responsible for several functions in the body, like regulating metabolism, control of blood pressure, and how our body utilizes proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Moreover, cortisol is an anti-inflammatory hormone and is also responsible for balancing both water and salt in the body, which is why your skin becomes dry and dull if under stress. The solution is to ensure you give your body the needed rest to observe positive changes on your facial skin. Also, there are beauty products in the market that can help to balance cortisol in your body to avoid battling with acne and dry patches on your face. You can meet your dermatologist for advice on a suitable product for you.

3. Your Skincare

Unfortunately, countless skincare products cause harm to the skin. So it’s crucial you know the treatment and products you’re buying, its content, and compatibility with your skin before making the first rub on your face. Watch out and ignore products that contain substances like benzoyl peroxide, retinol, and glycolic acid – they cause skin sensitivity and dehydration. 

Furthermore, there are traditional soaps that affect the level of the natural pH of the outer layer of your skin, causing skin dehydration and sensitivity. Opt for face cleansers that aren’t aggressive but relatively gentle; they’ll quickly eliminate every dirt causing clogged pores on your face without getting rid of the moisture that should keep you facially hydrated.

4. Diet

They say you’re what you eat (drink). So you can conclude that a poor diet drains your skin of moisture, good complexion, and damages your health. Hence, to help your skin retain or improve its glow, you must keep your body hydrated with water. More so, staying hydrated improves your general health. 

Ensure that you don’t flood your food with surplus caffeine and salt, as otherwise can drastically reduce the amount of moisture in your cells, thus, causing the skin to shrink. Furthermore, sugars and canned, pasteurized, frozen, dried, baked food can destroy the skin’s collagen, which may adversely affect your skin’s hydration and elasticity.

Including some nutrient-rich food into your diet will help get rid of the wrinkles and dryness on your face and prevent inflammation. This diet will also get rid of toxins from your body system. Intake of fatty acids helps endow the skin with the required Omega-3s to help formulate the vital protective barrier on the skin. Moreover, utilizing a perfect keto brand would help incorporate all the nutrients you need in your food for your skin to enjoy your admiration.


Sure, there’s a difference in face care for men and women, but when it comes to the reasons your face is dehydrated, you can be sure that just by retracing your steps and taking on some easy face care tips, you’ll finally have back your glow and hydrated facial skin. So get back your glow.