Who We are

Erika Gaston – The Founder

There is something that drives you to your passion. Erika started this blog out of the experience.

This is one person who has visited dermatologists and all herbalists because of an unexplained skin condition that could get a diagnosis and a drug.

However, it is the many trips to healthcare professionals of all kinds that drove him to start this blog to educate the public on the dos and don’ts when it comes to face care.

With a vibrant team of writers behind him, he understands factual information on face care products.

One advantage of this blog is that it advocates natural remedies for this delicate part of the body.

All the money he spent to get that smooth face was in vain. The solution was in a natural product known by all and readily available.

Read from the posts to get this secret and enjoy a vibrant and smooth skin.

Did you ever think of that?

That unique perspective of this blog is the secret behind our success within the few years on the online circles.

Our Statements


Our core business in the online platform is to educate, empower, and guide our readers on all it takes to have a good face.

We move a step further to engage specialists in this sector to give you a medical background to support the findings and research.

If you can’t get the information at Fresh Faced, then know that it’s a myth.


We want to have a community proud of their faces. This is the focal point of any human body.

Once we take good care of your skin using the information customized to suit all skincare types, we are sure we have a vibrant community, boosted self-esteem individual and the world moves to another level of development.

When your skin is in bad shape, you have esteem issues. You can’t think straight hence affecting your productivity at work.