Ways You Can Use Water to Give Your Face a Fresh Look

The largest body organ is your skin, hence the need to care for it. When your skin glows, people link it to good vitality and health. Dry or dull skin doesn’t bring out the best in you.

Everyone wants glowing, fresh skin with a youthful look. You can improve your skincare regime without spending lots of money on beauty products.

Water can enhance your skin’s texture, tone, hydration, and general health to give you a fresh look. Even the smallest lifestyle changes can have a huge effect on the look of your skin.

Whichever is the case, it’s necessary to use clean, soft water for skincare. With water softeners, it is made possible to use hard water from wells for your skincare regime.

Here’re a few ways you can use water to give your facial skin a rejuvenated look:

How You Can Use Water in 3 Ways to Attain a Fresh Look

Washing your face with hot water

Dry skin is flaky, dull, and not fresh-looking.

Hot water strips your skin of natural oils known as sebum, leaving it dry. It also compromises your skin’s barrier. Use lukewarm water to wash your face; this maintains its oils responsible for protecting your skin.

Extremely cold water may also be ineffective in removing makeup and dirt from your skin. When having a hot shower, keep your face off the steam to wash it later at your sink.

Lukewarm water is the best for washing and cleansing your skin to give your face a fresh look.

Drinking water makes the skin glow, fights pimples and delays aging

The human body is made up of organs, bones, and blood. The latter is the major connective fluid responsible for almost 8% of your body weight. Additionally, blood comprises proteinous blood capsules (45%) and straw-colored plasma at 55%.

The alkaline plasma fluid contributes up to 90% – 92% of water. Maximum blood circulation is often visible on your skin. Drinking enough water eliminates the need to use blush to make your cheeks glow pink. A lip-gloss renders your lips looking soft and rosy.

Water is a life-saving drink with a great impact on all your body from the digestive tract to muscular parts, including organs. It hydrates your skin for a healthy and beautiful look. It also cleans your arteries, sinuses, and digestive tract for better skin health.

Expert physicians recommend drinking lots of water to give your face an uplift. This isn’t something only meant to benefit celebrities and models.

When you drink water, toxins are flushed out from your important organs. It also transports nutrients throughout your body to cells. This ensures that your body organs get to perform optimally.

Drinking enough water can fight acne and marks, reduce pimples, and delay aging to give you a fresh look. Staying hydrated in extreme weather (cold or hot) is difficult. So, bring your water bottle everywhere you go to sip the drink throughout the day.

The prevailing weather, your size, and your level of activity determine the amount of water you need daily. According to the Institute of Medicine, you should drink about 9 to 13 cups of water daily to stay hydrated.

The color of your urine also indicates the right amount of water intake you need daily. You need less water for straw-colored yellow urine. But, if your urine is dark yellow with hints of brown, you need to drink more water.

Other benefits of drinking water include:

  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Prevents sagging of skin
  • Eliminates puffy eyes
  • Balances skin pH
  • Enhances skin tone

Washing your face with cold water

After waking up in the morning, your face usually looks a bit puffy. During sleep, body cells regenerate and pores open up. Use cold water to clean your face every morning.

Splashing your face with cold water triggers its magical effects. The range of benefits of washing your face with cold water include:

  • Closing large pores. First, wash your face with warm water to remove oils, dirt, and makeup. When done, splash some cold water over your face to reduce the size of pores. It also soothes your itchy or tired eyes for better health.
  • Fights wrinkles. Coldwater is an amazing anti-wrinkle cream. It improves your skin tone and texture for a fresh and younger look. Wash your face regularly to slow the process of aging.

With added energy, cold water can enable you to grace younger-looking skin. It fights wrinkles and other signs of aging off your face to make you look younger.

  • Gets rid of harmful sun rays on your skin. Coldwater tightens your skin pores and protects them from reopening. When the pores on your skin tighten, makeup stays longer.

Whenever your skin is exposed to the rays of the sun, your makeup is bound to stay on longer.


Water is essential in life and for skincare. You can use it to care for your skin in various ways to give it a fresh look. Although you can wash your skin with warm water and drink lots of it, you can also mix it with natural or organic ingredients for a perfect glow and youthful look.